Morocco Desert Tours

Morocco Desert tours and camel treks

Merzouga Sunset / Sunrise Tours
One hour trek by camel through the dunes of Erg Chebbi until we reach the Great Dune.  There you can climb to the top to watch the magnificent spectacle of the sun illuminating and highlighting the reddish orange color of the sand as the sun rises or sets over the horizon of the desert.  Continue reading...

Sunrise in Merzouga
 One night stay in the desert
We will travel 2 hours by dromedary deep into the dunes until we arrive at the Desert camp - Nomadic tents.  There we will experience a typical nomadic evening with traditional meals and music.  We will watch the sunset and sleep in the tents or enjoy the night sleeping out in the open under the stars.  In the morning we will watch the sunrise then return to the hotel for a shower and breakfast. Continue reading...

Merzouga Desert Nomadic tent
 Two or more nights in the desert

For the adventurous tourists we can tour the desert on camel during the less heated hours of the day and visit with the nomadic families that live in this area of the desert.  They will permit us to learn about their customs, their accomodations and their families.  A unique opportunity to learn about the people of the desert. Continue reading...



From Merzouga we going to do a lap around the dunes in the Erg Chebbi in a 4x4 (Toyota Land Cruiser or Land Rover) from Merzouga go to the west at  THE MERZOUGA LAKE , we mount a Mountain  near the lake in the west to see all the  Lake and see the high dunes of Erg Chebbi, From the lake we go south to a village  called Khamlia, where live gnawa  (black peolpe) we go to listen to  gnawa music in KHAMLIA, and then we'll go north on the road OF Dakar Ralley, After we mount A mountain called GALB NASS  to see the Erg Chebbi and see All the dunes from the mountain and take  panoramic pictures, we descended the Mountain to the Est towards a village called M'fis  hwhere life  French people earlier in the year to 1950.when we at  M'fis we mount a Mountain to see another desert  in the Est of M'fis on a  42 km of Algeria, after we  go to an old village where all merzouga people live  before this town called MERDANI, then we will go on dakar ralley road to north to visit the nomads of the Erg Chebbi, then go and always in dakar ralley road, we go to the north of the Erg Chebbi on Lake called YASMINA, Where begin  the Erg Chebbi, we see all the Erg Chebbi dunes of all sides until return to merzouga.     

Tour 4x4 Erg chebbi

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